Hardscaping is the use of man-made material to create the surfaces in your landscape used for walking, driving and relaxing. The hardscaping element of landscape design extends the architectural elements of your home into your yard to create the functional portion of your outdoor space.  Great landscape design incorporates a blend of both hardscape and softscape to utilize the diversity of colors, textures and elements to create a unique feel for your outdoor space that brings continuity and flow between the inside of your house to the exterior yard.  By incorporating elements like pavers, stone, landscape lighting, or outdoor fire features the use of hardscaping can create a landscape that is inviting and functional. From patio designs with steps to simple backdoor patios with low stone walls, hardscapes are versatile and can be completely customized to your needs
Hardscaping Services:
• Paver patio, driveway, and walkway installation
• Block retaining and freestanding wall installation
Low voltage hardscape lighting
• Boulder placement
• Fire pit installation
• Outdoor fireplace and kitchen installations
• Block step installation